The Leicestershire Youth Futsal League - When, Where and How Much?

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The Leicestershire Youth Futsal League:

When? Usually one or two Saturdays per month between September and May.

Where? Main Venue is Crown Hills Community College, Gwendolen Road, Leicester, LE5 5FT, but due to expansion of league we now have additional venues at Judgemeadow, Ellesmere College, Samworth Academy and Babington Academy.

How Much? Half Price Registration (£17.50) for 2020-2021. £35 per match day (2 fixtures of 12 mins each way OR 1 full match of 20mins each way, with time outs). No other fees or deposit.

Works out around £3.50 - £5.00 per player each time depending on your squad size. Existing members tend to charge per event or include in subs. Great facilities and professionally ran, FA affiliated league with official futsal courts and markings, official futsal goals, official futsal balls and official futsal referees.

Tournaments or Events by The Leicestershire Youth Futsal League

We may offer optional additional tournament and festivals, either at Crown Hills, St. George's Park or alternative venues that would be charged separately, per event.

Be part of the fastest growing indoor sport in the world that Neymar, Ronaldo & Messi all played as kids!

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